Do You Want To Survive & Thrive
During These Uncertain Times?
Do You Want To Learn
How to flip homes during a Slow
I Want to PERSONALLY Help Each Of You In Your Business To Help You Not Only Survive But Thrive During These Difficult And Uncertain Economic Times...
This Webinar Was Hosted At 3pm PST (6pm EST) on Monday April 20th on ZOOM.
This Was A Live Webinar with A 37 Page Presentation and Live Q&A with those that attended. You will receive my Powerpoint Presentation as well as the 1.5 Hour Video Webinar where I share all My Thoughts, Case Studies, Examples, Current Market Metrics, my Market Forecast and Live Q&A!
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From The Desk Of  Tucker Merrihew
Portland, OR
After the market collapsed in 2008, there were very few real estate investors continuing to operate.  In Fact no one wanted to touch real estate for several years after 2008, but I wasn't one of them...

I continued to operate and in fact was very profitable (From 2008-2011) and still to this day.

I want to teach each of you what you'll need to know in order to survive what appears to be another large economic down turn.  I survived the last downturn and have already positioned myself and my company to not only survive this one, but to thrive and continue to stay Extremely Profitable!

I would advise each of you to learn from someone that has actually been through a couple market cycles, that way you'll know how all this will play out... and I can help!

~ Tucker Merrihew
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I Will Share My Story Of How I Was Able To Continue Flipping During The Last Crash

I Will Show You The Exact Marketing You Should Be Doing To Buy Houses Post Corona:

  • Direct From Homeowner
  •  Real Estate Agents
  • Probate Attorneys
  • ​Plus Many Other Ways!

I Will Explain How You Should Be Financing Your Deals:

  • Hard Money (From Companies That Still Lend)
  •  Private Money
  • LOC's
  • Subject-To
  • ​Seller Financing
  • ​JV's

I Will Break Down How To Actually Wholesale In A Down Market:

  • How You Should Price Deals
  •  Who Are Your Best Buyers
  • What Houses Are The Easiest To Wholesale

I Will Explain What Exact Types Of Houses You Should Flip:

  • Age
  •  Style
  • Floorplans
  • Price Points
  • ​Neighborhoods
  • ​Exact Locations

I Will Explain Who You Should Be Selling Your Homes To:

  • Realtors
  •  Rehabbers
  • ​Landlords
  • ​End Retail Buyers

What Advice Would I Give My 12 Year Younger Self This Time Around???


This is your defining moment.
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